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The TRES™ Clamp is a stylish, lightweight, and extremely reliable pro scooter clamp. We start with 7000 series aircraft aluminum extruded, and then finish it up with CNC machining to final specs. The final step is to lay on the color via anodizing or powder coating to seal and strengthen the aluminum even further and protect from oxidation.....also to make it look sick of course!


FAQ & Upgrades:

Upgrade Path:
It is hard to recommend a different clamp than the Triple, but if you like the style of X-Clamp it is a good choice, or the Lucky SCS if your looking for a compression system and clamp all in one.

Q: How do I tighten my Lucky Triple Clamp?
A: You begin by tightening every other bolt from top to bottom in rotation until all Lucky Triple Clamp bolts are fully torqued and your set up is dialed! Make sure to alternate between bolts so the tightness is even out through out the clamp.

Q: How well does the Lucky Triple Clamp perform, in comparison to standard double clamps?
A: The Lucky Triple Clamp was intricately designed with that extra bolt to provide more stability then the standard double clamps do! The carved out design also provides you with a much lighter feel than you would expect with a normal triple clamp!

Q: How long will my Lucky Triple Clamp last me?
A: A long time with the proper attention to tightening and some love and care.


Installation & Maintenance:

  • Before you ride ride check the tightness of the clamp bolts and tighten if needed using the instructions above.

Lucky Triple Clamp Scooter Tech:

Lucky Double Clamp Scooter Technology
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